A little under two months until Miss Teenage Canada kicks off! I’m so excited for the week – meeting 70-80 new girls from all across the nation, rooming with a contestant from outside of Ontario, all of the public appearances, etc… I am especially excited for the talent competition. I am currently working on a self choreographed routine to a narrative of my platform. As someone who has a history of juggling negative body self esteem with my passion for dance, I believed it was most suitable to choose a platform revolving around the physique stereotype of a successful dancer.

‘Your body does not define the artist within you’.
This a quote I have created to support my platform as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario. Artistry initiates from within, however many individuals, including myself once upon a time, let my physique negatively influence my expression of emotion. A few years ago, there had been many times I seriously considered quitting dance. I couldn’t enjoy expressing through movement when I was distracted by my body insecurities. Ironically, it was dancing that cured my state of mind. To relieve the stress, I would dance alone in a studio without observing myself through a mirror. Not having the opportunity to stare at my flaws while I dance made me realize why I could never commit to quitting it: it is the exploration of movement that draws me in. Ever since then, I’ve stood by two things, which I encourage to all artists struggling to express their passion due to body insecurities: one is that it is confidence and artistry that impacts an audience more than body physique ever could, and the other is that since everyone is made unique, everyone is absolutely flawless…embrace that.

Opportunities To Promote Platform

13062026_1039882959428391_2794447644448465307_n-2I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak about my platform at many events. On April 17th, in particular, I spoke at Let’s Get Loud’s dance competition in Belleville. The whole event was so special for me. Firstly, getting to pass on my message was exciting. Next, seeing the student’s reactions during my speech was inspiring. However, the most fulfilling moments were
afterward when many dancers and their parent’s approached me thanking me for my message. I’m so glad my words were positively received.

13001143_1039883032761717_7746800483236628766_nAside from speaking, I had the privilege of being apart of the competition’s final awards ceremony. I’m so used to being on the student end of a competition – sitting eagerly with my teammates waiting to hear my score. This time, I was on the presenter’s end! It was so sweet to see the bright faces the student’s had when they received their awards. I really hope to get this inspiring opportunity again in the future.


Thank you Mario for inviting me to be apart of Let’s Get Loud! It was so nice meeting you, as well as the other staff members, judges, and dancers!

Until next time,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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