Have you heard of the game ‘where’s Waldo?”. Well let’s play something similar and call it “where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario on July 7th?”

Question 1
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 9am?
A) Belleville
B) Quinte West
C) Toronto

Answer: B!

My day started off with meeting up with Councillor Duncan Armstrong, as he was joining me on my busy day. 

Question 2
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 9:30am?
A) Brighton
B) Belleville
C) Picton

Answer: A!

MyFM Oldies 100.9 Radio invited me for an interview about the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. Many questions were asked, with some being ‘how many other contestants will there be?’, and ‘how can we support you?’ Jodie and MJ were so supportive, even offering to share the interview with other MyFM Radio stations!


Thank you MyFM for supporting my endeavours!

Before leaving, Duncan invited me to be the voice for the Hugh O’Neil Friendship Garden’s radio commercial! After a bit of practice, I was taught how to find my radio voice and let it roll from there. Recording this radio commercial was a super special experience!


Question 3
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 10:30am?
A) Stirling
B) Quinte West
C) Belleville

Answer: B!

13613328_10157078446145510_3462668013091043501_oBack to Quinte West I went to make a couple visits. First stop was a visit to the house of Donna O’Neil, whose husband, the late Hugh O’Neil, had served as the MPP for the Riding of Quinte for over 20 years. Such an amazing and supportive family. Want to hear a ‘small world’ experience? They were very involved with the Quinte Ballet School of Canada, the dance school I graduated from! 

Next, I stopped by to visit some of the firefighters of Quinte West! Before I left, Quinte West Fire Chief John Whelan came to me with this cap as a gift. I’m so excited to wear it everywhere – I haven’t owned a cap in so long!







Question 4
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 11:30am?
A) Tweed
B) Belleville
C) Quinte West

Answer: C!

That’s right, I stayed in the same city for more than an hour! At this time, I met up with Ernst and Erin, news reporters, at The Riverbrake Cafe. I can officially say that I have been interviewed three ways now: in a recording studio, at Starbucks, and while at lunch! Well, I had a fantastic time. The interviews will be published in 4 papers throughout the near future, with one already have been published! Read The Intelligencer’s article here.


Thank you Ernst and Erin for interviewing me!

Question 5
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 3:00pm?
A) Belleville
B) Stirling
C) Tweed

Answer: A!

With a long pageant week ahead comes a lot of outfits to prepare! And who other to get them altered by to fit me just right than Yvonne from Set The Scene. It was the most exciting getting my evening gown fitted – it’s one of those dresses you can’t help but feel elegant in, and to have it fitted to my exact size made the whole moment extremely special. I’m so excited to see the end result!

Question 6
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 6:00pm?
A) Quinte West
B) Stirling
C) Belleville’

Answer: C!

During the evening, I attended the Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival where I was privileged to be apart of the list of dignitaries who spoke at the opening ceremonies. Afterward, I met hundreds of the event goers, as well as enjoyed many of the festivities that were put on, which included trying some of the tasteful ethnic foods!


Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival was always a favourite of mine, having many great memories from it! Can you find me in the picture below? I am very proud of my Italian heritage, as is my Nina (grandmother) who ran an Italian folkloric dance club. We would perform every year at this festival for many years. My last year performing was extra memorable, being honoured to have been chosen to be the clubs representative as Miss Italia!


All said and done, yesterday was an amazing experience being given the opportunity to do some of the many things I love: travelling, public speaking, socializing, and dressing up! Speaking of dressing up…9 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL MISS TEENAGE CANADA PAGEANT WEEK BEGINS! On that note, time to go pack!

Enjoy the warm weather!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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2 Responses to Yet Another 12 Hour Day I Wouldn’t Trade For The World

  1. Sylvia Reddom says:

    WOW What a busy and interesting schedule! You are doing great work – almost as busy as Councillor Armstrong who was your travel companions this busy day. When you spoke of “small world” moments, I thought I would share with you that we went high school that Coun. Armstrong did and our family are close friends with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh O’Neil. Hearing you did a commercial for the upcoming Hugh O’Neil Friendship Garden was especially heartwarming for our family. Thank you for promoting such a wonderful tribute to such a great man. Life in our small town area certainly has a special vibe and all these connections really help make things happen – along with a lot of the hard work you are demonstrating. Continued success in your future competition steps!

    • Isabella says:

      I too believe Mr. Hugh O’Neil was a great man, and I am so honoured to have been invited to be the voice of the Hugh O’Neil Friendship Garden commercial. Thank you Sylvia for your kind words, and for sharing another small world moment! It’s always so amazing to hear how connected we are to those around us. 🙂

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