As Miss Teenage South Central Ontario, my goal was to make appearances throughout as many cities within South Central Ontario as possible. The majority of the events I have been involved with have taken place in my hometown, however I am honoured to have also been apart of events in other cities, such as Brighton and Trenton. Speaking of Trenton, let me tell you about the exciting day I had there yesterday!

13315521_1072723059477714_1306461945271952792_nThe last time I was in Trenton as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario was back in March for a very significant hockey game. Yesterday, I was there to be apart of their annual Kinsman Carnival. The carnival itself was tons of fun: fair rides, food, vendors….speaking of vendors, Dippity Doo Face and Body Art was there! She so generously invited me into her vendor tent for the day to promote my title, platform, and the fundraisers I was organizing. I had a wonderful time speaking to so many people, but also spending the day with Alicia. So talented yet so humble – if there is anyone I would recommend getting face and body art work done from, it’s Alicia!

I talked to many people of many ages that day, all very engaging and supportive. But one stood out from the rest..

“Did Mario save you”?

I’m wearing a sash, crown, and sundress at a carnival. Mario? Who is Mario? I kept thinking to myself. After 10 seconds of deep thought, my childhood obsession with Mario Kart came to my rescue.

“Oh no, Mario did not save me! I’m not Princess Peach.”

“Are you her princess friend then?”

“No, I’m not Princess Daisy either.”

“Are you sure? Did Bowser trap you?”

This conversation continued for at least 5 minutes, and I must say, those 5 minutes will be remembered forever! I absolutely love speaking to kids because of their amazing imagination. They keep conversations spontaneous and unpredictable, what could be more engaging than that!

What I will remember the most, was that despite his Mario Kart outfit and appeared favouritism of Mario, he ended up getting a temporary glitter tattoo of Yoshi!

Trenton is such a lovely city. I am very excited to return to it on Monday to present a delegation at Quinte West City Hall’s Council Meeting!


Thank you again Trenton Kinsman Carnival and Dippity Doo Face and Body Art for having me!

Talk soon!!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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