I finished my first year of college in April, spoke at a high school in May, and just finished re-walking the halls of an elementary school. This is what I call real-time time travel!

Revisiting my younger years…

13416736_1078183778931642_2197510622569097166_oOn June 9th, I visited Georges Vanier Catholic School (GV), and then on June 13th, I visited Our Lady of Fatima. I spoke about myself as a titleholder and Free The Children at both schools, however, really focusing on my platform. Grade 8 was when my self esteem started fading, so I especially encouraged the senior grades to always remember that they’re flawless in every way possible

I spoke to the GV students all in one presentation. After my presentation, we had a question and answer session. The most memorable question I received was during our makeup talk: “have you heard of the spoon method?”. It sounds so funny to say, but using a spoon to help layer eyeshadow really does work!! Well, as long as you remember to blend after. 😉

With there being so many students, I was able to host a IMG_6699contest for a Tyler Shaw Live In Concert ticket. Trivia questions regarding my entire presentation were asked – about me, about pageants, about Free The Children, about Tyler Shaw, even about the make up tips I provided! Answers were flying around like hot pockets, but in the end, by 1 point, Isabella S. was the winner of the complimentary ticket.

At Our Lady of Fatima, I spoke to individual classes. I wanted to give a shoutout to the 5/6 class! I have never experienced such a cohesive group of students – all inclusive of another and full of fun. A lot of the hats off goes to the teacher though! One of the many great things she does is let the students have dance parties every morning!! Speaking of dance party’s, we got to all dance to Tyler Shaw’s hit song “Wicked” that morning. It was such a fun moment to be apart of.

The 7/8 class was a blast too, but in a different way. We had a great discussion about how the majority believes beauty pageants only focus on how someone looks while wearing an evening gown and bikini. Everyone always seems to forget inner beauty: compassion, willingness to help others, humbleness, etc.


The most special moment was that after each class at both schools, at least one student came up to me with big hugs and some comments. One girl said that I was a big inspiration. I am so honoured to have impacted her in such a positive way!

How important is having positive self esteem?
I believe self esteem is influenced a lot by body confidence. When I was very insecure about my appearance, I would isolate myself because I felt as though others were judging me too. The isolation made me miserable, to the point where living became a chore …it’s crazy to imagine what lack of self esteem can evolve into.

It isn’t the amount of years you live, but how you live your years, so if I can inspire at least 1 person with my message, that’s one less person that has to go through the draining mental state I went through.

You’re beautiful,



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