Inspiring the future generation of our world!!!!…… That is the message I want to send across in my blog today! The way you Choose to inspire them is up to you, I choose to do so through physical activity!
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity in going back to my first ever elementary school to speak to all the children, as well as raise money for WE free the children. I took every class one by one and invited them into the gym, to sit down and listen to my presentation. It was about who I am, my life journey, bringing awareness towards the charity…… But lastly, the most important message I tried to get across, like I’ve mentioned before, was encouraging all the children to be physically active! Not only I talked to them about all the benefits you gain from being active, but we also did a fun activity in the end. I created a game called active bingo!!!!! I chose from a cup of cards one number which they had to find on their bingo cards and cross out, along with the number they had to do an exercise that I choose from another cup…..The first team to get a line would call bingo!!!!! Every kid was participating and it was really nice to see them all involved!
At the end some kids would run to me and give me hugs, others would ask for my autograph, tell me beautiful compliments, and ask for selfies. It was such an a
Incredible experience to have them all look up to me, and have the power to impact their views on a proper lifestyle.

My presentation to the Children

The kids playing active bingo

At the last recess of the day, some lovely student helpers and I sold ice cream sandwiches for a toonie. All proceeds that were raised went to the charity WE free the children. We sold on three different days, and at the end we all enjoyed some ice cream for ourselves.

Selling Ice cream cookies for WE free the children



I also returned to the school the following week, for a school wide competition I had organized. I split all the kids in the school into three different categories; kindergarten, primary and junior. When I called each group separately to the front of the gym, all the kids interested to participate would stand up, and when I called GO they all had to hop on one leg for as long as they could. When I saw one that wasn’t able to do it anymore I would tap them on the shoulder and they would take a seat. The last child standing would win a brand new tennis racquet! There were three racquets for me to give away.

The tennis racquet prizes for the school competition

Seeing all the kids participating and working so hard was such an amazing thing to see, but the best part was the other two categories that were waiting. They were cheering on the kids in the competition….. The noise level in the gym was above and beyond loud, but it was something I will never forget. When we would come down to the final two kids the school would surround themselves in a circle around them, and cheer. The amount of determination you would see in the finalists face, was another level, and they were giving everything they had to get that tennis racquet. My favourite part was in the end when the winner would realize they were the last one standing, and you saw pure happiness in their eyes, that they actually did it! That look they had in their eyes, reminded me of the feeling I would get when I win a tennis match. It’s a feeling of validation, where if you work hard, it pays off! That for me, is the reason I play tennis. Everyday I get to work hard and do what I love, and when I am successful at what I do I feel so incredible inside.


The kids hopping on one leg, and me encouraging them

All the kids involved getting ready to be active !

I loved every single moment of my school appearance. So far every second in this journey, has been a new experience for me, and I am learning so much every step of the way. It is something exciting and empowering, and very different from my usual tennis life. I loved inspiring the future generation, in fact one of the coolest things happened to me shortly after the event. Some of the kids wrote to me on social media, to tell me that they appreciate what I did, and they were inspired in wanting to be active like me ….. For me that’s all I could ever ask for, in my reign. In that moment I got that sense of achievement that I was talking about before! I cannot wait to give back to the community again in the future, and I certainly cannot wait for Miss Teenage Canada this summer!
I will speak to you all soon, and thank you for following along as always!

The kids were insprired by who I was, and my accomplishments and asked for my autograph


Remember to keep staying Fabulous!!!!


Nicole Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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Written by: Nicole

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