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It is surreal how much more exciting my life has become since I’ve been titled Miss Teenage South Central Ontario. I’m always meeting new people, visiting new places, and trying new things. April was definitely the busiest month yet for me – it was full of memorable experiences that are overdue of being shared. With school being finished, I can finally return to blogging about my journey as a titleholder!

First Modelling Opportunity
On April 9th, Hospice Quinte hosted The ‘007’ Gala event in support of Hospice Quinte and the programs and support services they offer those in the Quinte region. I was invited to model for the fashion show live entertainment by Darek Wierzbicki and Studio 237. The night also featured emcee Orlena Cain and music by DJ Jason Ferguson of Definitive Entertainment Productions. The entire event was extraordinary for me, and to always remember it…I took a lot of pictures!

The day began with hair and makeup! My hair was stylized by Rebecca Potts, Cait Mahaney, and Darek Wierzbicki, while makeup was done by Shannen McCuaig. All are amazing at what they do – they made me feel so flawless! The hairdo process was the most extraordinary for me; hair dye, wires, thread, extensions, and most significant …PINK! I’ve always lived the natural life, so the whole time I was amazed at what was happening to my hair.
















The updo had to be wrapped in order to survive the commute from the hair studio to the event venue! The reactions I received from people wondering what was going on with my hair were priceless!

You could probably guess by the wrapping on my head that my hair was stylized very tall. Well we did some touchups once we got to the venue, which made it even taller! It became so tall that it didn’t fit into my selfie! And then finally…the outfit: so many sequins! Not even throughout my whole dance career have a worn so much sequins at once; it as so exciting to get to model the look that I had.









This gala made my first time modelling an incredible, and definitely memorable experience! I hope to do something alike to this again soon!!



Stay tuned for more posts about my April adventures!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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