“Look, a princess!” edited

“Want to go meet the princess?”

“Hi princess!”

“Are you the Queen of Belleville?”

Might I say, I would probably say something along those lines too if I saw someone wearing a crown in a shopping mall!

June 11th was super fun. I spent 8.5 hours promoting Tyler Shaw Live In Concert in my local mall. That meant 8.5 hours of blasting his newest album, “Yesterday“, on loop! I can easily say I know all of his songs by heart now.

Many people stopped by, either asking why I was there that day, to purchase tickets, or inquiring about the barbecue and gift card displayed on the counter.


This barbecue display was a sneak peak of a prize to be given out to one of the attendee’s of the concert. In order to further fundraise for Free The Children, I am hosting raffles at the concert! One raffle prize is this barbecue. This nearly $200 red-lid barbecue was generously donated by Walmart Belleville! The other prize was donated by Tomasso’s Italian Bar and Grille, and Jim’s Pizzeria! They have supported me since I first began this journey in October 2015. This time around, they donated a $25.00 gift certificate!

What a coincidence that these raffles are being held a day before Father’s Day – what better gifts for dad than a barbecue or dinner to a great restaurant!?

Only 7 more days until Belleville gets wicked! Get your tickets now!

Signing off for now,



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    How to vote

  2. Katrina says:

    Amazing work so far girl!

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