Yet another blog written while looking out into our beautiful province. I love riding the train during the day because I get the opportunity to embrace Ontario! I most often take a snooze whenever I travel on a really early morning or late night ride, which stops me from noticing our lands natural beauties. For instance, have you noticed the natural ombré of Lake Ontario? The water closest to land is the palest blue and gradually darkens to a royal shade at the depth of the sea. And this is only describing as far as my eyes can see. I tried capturing a picture, but the reflection from the glass definitely does not do the scenery justice.

Lake Ontario

Regardless…remarkably beautiful.

“What Should I Do This Weekend?”

The Dance Company Vendor ShowBefore you know it, Friday night will roll around and you’ll be stuck wondering how to spend the first weekend of March. Well let me make your job a little easier and recommend where to spend some time on March 6th!

Come visit me and a list of great vendors at The Dance Company’s Vendor Show! This is a fundraiser for The Dance Company, so please come out to support the local community!


I want to send my congratulations to Sarah from Alberta for representing Canada so wonderfully at the Teen Universe pageant! You are an inspiration to many Sarah!

I aspire to follow in Sarah’s footsteps! I’ve often been encouraged to move out of my small town and into a bigger city if I ever wanted to reach the big dreams I aspire for. I want to encourage youth that your potential is not limited by where you live! Being a Miss Teenage Ontario finalist alone proved to me that dedication out rules any potential setback. One of the many reasons I aspire to be crowned the 2016 title of Miss Teenage Canada is so that I can encourage this to all of Canada. And from there, I would try my very best to be given a universe wide title and inspire people from all over the universe!

You are so much more than what you allow yourself to be.

Never give up on your dreams


With very much love,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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