The Miss Teenage Canada pageant gives multiple opportunities to its contestants. For one, it is the only pageant that sets up blogs for the purpose of allowing the contestants to write posts about themselves and their reign. With every privilege comes extra responsibility, and in this case, this means blog assignments. However, these assignments still give multiple opportunities! For instance, this particular assignment is a contest: each delegate designs a Miss Teenage Canada roll-up banner, and the winner gets theirs printed by Sign Source Solution.

Sign Source Solution
sign-sourceSign Source Solution is sponsoring this 33″ by 80″ roll-up banner. Owned by Avi Barak, this printing company is located in Toronto. Sign Source Solution is extremely versatile in their many products of custom signage printing. They provide design, sign consultation, installation and maintenance service. To learn more about Sign Source Solution (which I highly recommend that you do), click here!

My Banner Design
It will be at the July 24th’s final pageant that a member of the company will be bringing to life the winning design of the new Miss Teenage Canada banner! So, without further a due, here is my submission for this new Miss Teenage Canada roll-up banner, and a little bit about why I chose the designs that I did.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11

Miss Teenage Canada has two very significant key points: the logo, and ~ considering it is a pageant, a crown. This is why these two components of my banner design are the largest.

Directly following the Miss Teenage Canada logo is their motto: be your own kind of beautiful. This is a very important aspect to have on a banner, as it shows what the business’s mission is and what it stands for.

One popular aspect of pageantry is the evening gown segment, reasoning for why there are silhouettes of contestants walking in their evening gowns. The silhouettes are in the background of the banner as they are not the focal point, but rather an additional feature.

Another famous aspect of pageantry is the swimsuit competition, however considering that a silhouette of a contestant wearing a swimsuit in unrecognizable, this component was left out of the banner design.

As a customer looking at a banner of a business, it is important to know the main information.

Who: Canadian Females Aged 13-19

What: Miss Teenage Canada, become Canada’s Ambassador

Where: Canada

Why: Discover true potential, scholarships, coaching, seminars, charity and community involvement, become Canada’s ambassador

How: No experience necessary, coaching

And most important..

How to followup: Visit!

Having a passion for art and technology, this assignment was an extremely fun one to tackle! Thank you Sign Source Solution for sponsoring a roll-up banner, which supports the endeavours of Miss Teenage Canada delegates, as well as gives the 2016 delegates this amazing opportunity!

What is your opinion on my design?

Talk soon,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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13589137_848990451869329_1996979153_oA toddlers memory isn’t sharp, which means if something is remembered from those years, then that something must have been extremely impacting. What’s your toddler memory? Mine was Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival.

What Makes This Festival So Great?
Put on by The Belleville and District Chamber of Commerce, Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival takes place annually, with July 7th-10th 2016 being its 32nd year running. Home to West Zwick’s Park in Belleville, Ontario, it is currently ranked in the top 10 4-day festivals for Eastern Ontario, and has received the Festivals & Events Ontario Award as one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario. Having roughly 35,000 people attend this year’s festival, which includes 3000 tourists, I am proud to say that I am not the only one who believes Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival is the Quinte Region’s most compelling tourist attraction.

Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival has something for everyone to enjoy. For those wanting to taste foods from all over the world, travel no further than Bay Bridge Road. Every year, there is an ethnic food village, with this passed year having 12 different ethnic food tents! I have an Italian background, so getting to try other culture’s foods is a personal treat. My recommendation is that you attend next years festival and head right to the Portuguese tent to order their chicken. They have this special way of making their chicken that makes it taste scrumptiously unique from all other recipes. And by special, I mean extra special, because this recipe is top secret! Through a few sources, I heard that the seasoning and exact recipe for this chicken is only known by the person who puts it all together. It’s THAT good!


090 2



The ethnic celebrations don’t just stop at the food village. Every year, there are ethnic performances put on. For instance, my Nina, being apart of the Italian Club, organized an Italian folkloric dance show for entertainment. My dad danced in it, my older cousins, and eventually I did too! Beginning at one year old, my Nina dressed me up in her handmade folkloric dress and had me jumping around on stage. 12 years later was the last performing year of this group, where I was honoured to be titled Miss Italia and speak on behalf of the club. Other entertainment includes the annual flashmob Quinte Ballet School of Canada puts on, which I had the privilege of being apart of the past two years (hint: watch video below), the folkloric dancing that the Greek put on, and live music acts. Fresh fact: Did you know that one of this year’s acts, the Fiddleheads, gave me a shoutout during their set! It felt pretty cool to be given a shoutout by a famous band.

The fun doesn’t cut short at the food or entertainment though. Love watching dog shows? Head up to the hill adjacent to the pavilion. How about getting henna tattoos, getting face paint done, shopping, or entering contests? Head over to the main pathway of vendors guiding you through the park. Ever wanted to fly in a helicopter, parasail, or dragon boat race? Head over to the water’s end. Have children? Bring them to the Children’s Village where they can go swimming, rock climbing, enjoy pony rides, and more. Speaking of rides, Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival also features Midway. With plenty of fair rides and games variety, everyone and anyone has something to enjoy!


How can I get to West Zwick’s Park in time for the festival, especially during traffic prime time?FullSizeRender-2
Take city transit! Thanks to the City of Belleville, a shuttle bus runs to and from the Belleville bus terminal, conveniently located downtown, and West Zwick’s Island Park. Plus, it’s completely free! This way, not only are you saving money on a parking fee, but
also are helping with global warming by carpooling.

How do I plan a day spent at Belleville’sIMG_1080 Waterfront and Ethnic Festival
Beginning at noon, head over to the Ethnic Food Village to soak up some culture – eat good food, watch some dancing, and listen to some live music. I suggest you also squeeze some time to see what some four legged friends are up to at the dog show. Go for dinner around 5pm, explore the vendors, and then hit up the fair until it closes at 11pm. With such a vibrant surrounding, you can’t help but have a good time throughout the day! It’s always the best to be on the farris wheel at night: getting to the top of the loop and looking down on the entire park, you get to see the live concerts happening closer to the water, as well as the bright light show below you.


Participation Since One
As introduced, I’ve been apart of this festival every year, whether it be dancing in it, helping serve food at the Italian tent, or being apart of the opening ceremonies. The opening ceremonies just got added to my list this past weekend, where I got to speak about my journey to Miss Teenage Canada. Being apart of the opening ceremonies was another moment I’ll never forget – not only has it helped to shape my wonderful reign as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario, but on a personal note, I got to speak alongside the role models that I look up to from the community – MP for Bay of Quinte, MP for Prince Edward-Hastings, Councillor of Belleville ….etc.

I wonder how I’ll be involved in the festival next year? Or better question, I wonder how long until next summer’s festival?! It’s just so fun, I can hardly wait for it to come. And I can hardly wait to enjoy it with you as well! See you there.



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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Have you heard of the game ‘where’s Waldo?”. Well let’s play something similar and call it “where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario on July 7th?”

Question 1
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 9am?
A) Belleville
B) Quinte West
C) Toronto

Answer: B!

My day started off with meeting up with Councillor Duncan Armstrong, as he was joining me on my busy day. 

Question 2
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 9:30am?
A) Brighton
B) Belleville
C) Picton

Answer: A!

MyFM Oldies 100.9 Radio invited me for an interview about the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. Many questions were asked, with some being ‘how many other contestants will there be?’, and ‘how can we support you?’ Jodie and MJ were so supportive, even offering to share the interview with other MyFM Radio stations!


Thank you MyFM for supporting my endeavours!

Before leaving, Duncan invited me to be the voice for the Hugh O’Neil Friendship Garden’s radio commercial! After a bit of practice, I was taught how to find my radio voice and let it roll from there. Recording this radio commercial was a super special experience!


Question 3
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 10:30am?
A) Stirling
B) Quinte West
C) Belleville

Answer: B!

13613328_10157078446145510_3462668013091043501_oBack to Quinte West I went to make a couple visits. First stop was a visit to the house of Donna O’Neil, whose husband, the late Hugh O’Neil, had served as the MPP for the Riding of Quinte for over 20 years. Such an amazing and supportive family. Want to hear a ‘small world’ experience? They were very involved with the Quinte Ballet School of Canada, the dance school I graduated from! 

Next, I stopped by to visit some of the firefighters of Quinte West! Before I left, Quinte West Fire Chief John Whelan came to me with this cap as a gift. I’m so excited to wear it everywhere – I haven’t owned a cap in so long!







Question 4
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 11:30am?
A) Tweed
B) Belleville
C) Quinte West

Answer: C!

That’s right, I stayed in the same city for more than an hour! At this time, I met up with Ernst and Erin, news reporters, at The Riverbrake Cafe. I can officially say that I have been interviewed three ways now: in a recording studio, at Starbucks, and while at lunch! Well, I had a fantastic time. The interviews will be published in 4 papers throughout the near future, with one already have been published! Read The Intelligencer’s article here.


Thank you Ernst and Erin for interviewing me!

Question 5
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 3:00pm?
A) Belleville
B) Stirling
C) Tweed

Answer: A!

With a long pageant week ahead comes a lot of outfits to prepare! And who other to get them altered by to fit me just right than Yvonne from Set The Scene. It was the most exciting getting my evening gown fitted – it’s one of those dresses you can’t help but feel elegant in, and to have it fitted to my exact size made the whole moment extremely special. I’m so excited to see the end result!

Question 6
Where was Miss Teenage South Central Ontario at 6:00pm?
A) Quinte West
B) Stirling
C) Belleville’

Answer: C!

During the evening, I attended the Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival where I was privileged to be apart of the list of dignitaries who spoke at the opening ceremonies. Afterward, I met hundreds of the event goers, as well as enjoyed many of the festivities that were put on, which included trying some of the tasteful ethnic foods!


Belleville’s Waterfront and Ethnic Festival was always a favourite of mine, having many great memories from it! Can you find me in the picture below? I am very proud of my Italian heritage, as is my Nina (grandmother) who ran an Italian folkloric dance club. We would perform every year at this festival for many years. My last year performing was extra memorable, being honoured to have been chosen to be the clubs representative as Miss Italia!


All said and done, yesterday was an amazing experience being given the opportunity to do some of the many things I love: travelling, public speaking, socializing, and dressing up! Speaking of dressing up…9 MORE SLEEPS UNTIL MISS TEENAGE CANADA PAGEANT WEEK BEGINS! On that note, time to go pack!

Enjoy the warm weather!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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Canada Day 2016 was like no other. I had the privilege and pleasure of spending it with both Quinte West and Belleville! From 10am until shortly after 10pm, I was travelling from city to city, enjoying the festivities and meeting many of the other Canadians celebrating there that day.


My morning started off with Quinte West Canada Day‘s Canada Day Eh Parade. Quinte West made my ‘first time in a parade’ experience undeniably unforgettable!

First, I have a secret passion for vintage cars. They are so interesting to look at, being
so unique to the modern day vehicle. I may or may not have squealed with excitement a little when I saw this Plymouth Roadrunner being driven to me. Ou, I wonder who get’s to ride in that car? Wouldn’t they be lucky. It gets closer… I really hope I’m the one who get’s to ride in that! It’s so nice! It parks right in front of me. The car gods were listening to my prayers! 13603395_1092242940859059_8186148213474503423_o

From the sweet ride, to meeting so many people, to the fact that I was in a parade for my first time, the entire parade was an
amazing experience! 

But the ‘meeting people’ part didn’t stop there! After the parade, I handed out Canada Day flags to the ceremony’s attendees, which gave me the opportunity to speak to quite a few people. Afterward, I formally spoke about my platform, Free The Children, and the Miss Teenage Canada pageant at Quinte West’s Canada Day Opening Ceremonies. I was honoured to have been speaking alongside the honourary members of Quinte West. Right after the ceremonies, I had to head back on the road because…


Belleville’s Canada D’Eh was about to 13528449_1092242664192420_4365326797276362097_obegin! There too, I had the honour of speaking alongside the honourary members of the city. Here, I spoke about my title and the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I shared with the audience what the exciting week leading to the pageant may be like, as well as the opportunity for them to vote me as their Miss Teenage Canada People’s Choice! I was so humbled to have so many people come up to me after the ceremonies asking for further information on how to vote!

13438884_1092240674192619_3694909812745080132_nStaying for a few hours, I met even more people and took part in many of the day’s festivities! Here, I am with Belleville’s iconic Canada Day cupcake flag before it was devoured. I also caught up with Mix 97 and 95.5 radio station, check out the bouncy castles, and watch some cheerleading!


Back to the City Of Quinte West I went! My evening started off with pitching practice with some of the players from QWABA! Safe to say, I need a few practices before I pitch for a live game! Maybe work on my leg kick a little bit more?


The night ended with a memorable moment shared on stage with the Wrought Iron Roots. I was invited to sing on stage with them to their song ‘Wagon Wheel’. I had a fantastic time! 13603421_1091967747553245_2901847304932462464_o

This has defnitely been the most memorable Canada Day I have ever had! Thank you again Quinte West and City of Belleville | Municipal Government for having made my journey to Miss Teenage Canada so special!

There were tons more photos taken throughout the day! Click here to check them all out!

Hope you had a Happy Canada Day!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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Hi all! First of all, congratulations to all students who just began their summer vacations. You worked really hard all year for this holiday – cherish every moment!With Canada Day just a sleep away, I wanted to share how I will be spending it!

What’s to come

001The day for me starts off in Quinte West for their Canada Day Eh parade. I’m very excited for this – not only will I be in this sweet ride, but this will also be my first time ever participating in a parade! I’ve had many friends be in Christmas and other festival parades, but I’ve always been on the sidewalks wishing I too could be apart of the fun. Thank you Quinte West for making this wish become a reality!

After the parade, I will be joining Quinte West for their opening ceremonies. I will be briefly speaking about my title, my platform, and how to vote for me as People’s Choice Miss Teenage Canada in just a few weeks.

After this opening ceremony, I will be heading over to Belleville’s Zwick’s Park for their Canada Day opening ceremonies! Councillor Thompson will be introducing me, where I will then also share with all of Belleville the opportunity to vote for me as People’s Choice Miss Teenage Canada. Following the opening ceremonies is a ton of festivities that I am eager to try out. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me even attempt some Flyboarding!

I travel back to Quinte West in the evening to throw the opening pitch for a baseball game. and sing on stage with Wrought Iron Roots!

With every glimpse into the future, comes a glimpse from the past

It’s so surreal to think about the many opportunities journeying to Miss Teenage Canada has brought me. Leading up to the Miss Teenage Ontario pageant, I organized my first flashmob performance. Now, leading up to Miss Teenage Canada, I’ve organized a concert that headlined a JUNO nominated singer/song-writer, will be throwing the opening pitch of a baseball game, and will be singing in front of the public for the first time in 15 years! Back when I was 4, singing was what I enjoyed most. I competed in Candian Model and Talent Convention, singing my favourite song at the time: Lucky by Britney Spears. Although I stopped performing after that, I kept up with my vocal training. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to be singing on a stage again, however am glad this will be happening in a group setting, as I don’t think I’m quite ready to go solo again. 😉

Speaking about singing…have you heard that the lyrics to our national anthem, O Canada, has been edited to be more gender neutral? This change makes me happy to be Canadian – we as a country are taking the steps to equalizing gender significance! And what makes me even prouder is that we are raising the importance of the female gender without degrading the male gender. I believe this is super important, as no gender should compensate the other. What are your thoughts?

Well…I cannot even express how excited I am for tomorrow. I just picked out my red and white outfit, rehearsed my speeches, throw, and song, and now am about to paint my nails the proud colours of the Canadian flag.  I really hope to see you there! Click the below picture to enlarge the entire schedule of Canada Day in Quinte West, and click here for Belleville’s schedule!


See you tomorrow!!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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The past month has been full of interviews! From radio, to news sites, I am honoured to have shared my story with so many media platforms and have it reach such a huge population.

Belleville Magazine
A few months ago, Marilyn from Belleville magazine emailed me for an interview. I am excited to announce that I am featured on page 8 of their summer edition. The article talks about how pageantry has benefitted me, my role as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario, and how to support me for Miss Teenage Canada!

Mix 97
Mix 97 has been interviewing me for 10441282_903815879653821_8014220886275069354_nmonths! Our most recent live interview can be found here. Over a few minutes, we talk about Tyler Shaw Live In Concert and then my job as a dance teacher!

And top of interviewing me, Orlena Cain, one of the hosts of Mix 97, got to interview Tyler Shaw himself!! Click here to listen to the awesome interview.

IMG_8972Tim Durkin, who works for Mix 97, Cool 100, and CJBQ, interviewed me separately about all things pageant related! It was my first time being interviewed for a recording versus live. Information from the interview was then release on Quinte News, and can also be heard on each of the above radio stations!

Most recently, I was interviewed by Makala from InQuinte. Again, we talked about all things pageant related. This interview was a new experience: it was my first time choosing the interview location. Usually, I would visit an office or recording studio, however this time, I was interviewed at Starbucks! Wearing a sash in Starbucks definitely sparked some curious customers, but I must admit, I would be curious too if I were in a Starbucks enjoying my Strawberry Banana smoothie in my yoga wear and saw a teenager across from me wearing a dress, heels, and sash.

Our interview finished with a fun little shoot out in the lawn of Starbucks! This was another first: usually I send in photos for the articles published about me as a titleholder. This little shoot in a busy public area made me feel like a celebrity! To check out this article, click here!

A few more days until Tyler Shaw Live In Concert. It’s going to be a wicked event, be sure to get your tickets!

Stay golden,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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Have you ever had a day that you are absolutely certain you will never forget? Maybe it was a day that was greatly anticipated, included special people, or you tried something new? Or maybe all three? Well this unforgettable day actually took place for me just a few days ago.

I wish it was possible to re-live that day! Well, considering time travel hasn’t been decoded yet, at least I can relive it through writing. After a morning of errands and preparations…

Savour The Summer
I got to visit some of the participating businesses in Belleville’s Savour The Summer! Throughout my tour, I had the pleasure of visiting Rustic Cafe & Eatery. On top of sampling their strawberry salsa (which was delicious by the way), they were raffling off tickets to Tyler Shaw Live In Concert while playing Tyler Shaw songs!


Thank you Rustic Cafe & Eatery for supporting the concert!

Arrive at The Empire Theatre for set up

Being at the theatre sparked the butterflies in my stomach to flutter, especially when I put up the dressing room signs for each act. This was really happening. This time last year, I was planning a pool party, a few months ago, I was planning small-scaled fundraising events, and now, I am about to host a concert with a celebrity artist.

Dustin Bird arrives for tech rehearsal with Denis McGrath

The last time I heard Dustin sing live was back when we were both in high school a few years ago. Hearing his tech rehearsal today reminded me of why I invited him to perform in this concert – his unique sound cannot go unheard!


13517657_1085913974825289_153760575606071276_oIreland Academy of Dance’s tech rehearsal
Throughout the tech rehearsal, I could not stop reminiscing on how fantastic these dancers were. Just 7 days ago was my first rehearsal with them. After choreographing their piece last Sunday, with the exception of 13522763_1085901181493235_4203756168489053631_oDana Throop for the Acro section, and Emma Good and Kaitlin Kawam for the Tap section, their next group practice was the 17th. An in-studio dress rehearsal and a few photo and video ops later, these girls had an opening number down pat. And today, after spacing the number on stage, I was more than glad to have the Ireland Academy of Dance opening this show.


Tyler Shaw’s tech rehearsal

13585096_1089974424419244_6890733925220712277_o-2Now this is when everything began to feel extra real. This is really happening – the acts have all arrived and are preparing for the show. During Tyler’s tech rehearsal, I was running around getting the lobby and theatre set up. What was to my surprise was that I saw people lined up outside the door even though the concert didn’t start for a few more hours! It was so amazing to see that others were just as eager as I was.


Lobby doors opened!
Guests started filing in, buying concert and raffle tickets, and beginning to line up for when the lobby doors open. In the meantime, I was upstairs with the performers for a pre-show meet and greet! Take a look at some of the great shots taken.

13559192_1089976591085694_2123284873434397918_o 13575772_1089976794419007_143247758455480172_o13580417_1089976811085672_2880326725399970887_o-2

I couldn’t have been doing what I was doing without the many volunteers who helped out in the lobby. I want to extend my thanks to those who took time out of their day to help this night run so smoothly!


Theatre doors opened!

The performers were all on standby, I was greeting guests, and guests were taking their seats. The whole room was buzzing with excitement! I was so humbled to see a variety of familiar and new faces in the room – thank you to all who attended!


13522933_1086013874815299_2504098697071329686_o-2House lights dimmed, stage lights glistened, music was played, and dancers filled the theatre! There was never a place a dancer wasn’t found – between the aisles and the stage, there was always something happening. The dancer’s danced to the iconic You Can’t Stop The Beat from Hairspray, showcasing the many genres the Ireland Academy of Dance has to offer. To watch the video of the performance, click here!

Act #2
After introducing myself as a host to the audience, the 13497638_1085902361493117_197638520662598026_o-2next local act came on stage. Dustin Bird with Denis McGrath played a set consisting of covers and original songs, featuring songs from Dustin’s album Gratification. From looking at the faces of the audience, there was no doubt they too were amazed by Dustin’s unique sound. I am so glad to have had these two artists be apart of this special evening!

Time for the headliner!
Intermission ended and the guests started returning to their seats. Welcoming them all back, I spoke a little bit about Free The Children and how the headliner of the evening is very involved with this charity. Seeing everyone at the edge of their seats made me overjoyed to welcome JUNO nominated singer/song-writer Tyler Shaw to the stage!13517667_1089974564419230_7638814943027212694_oFans were cheering all throughout his set – from when he played his original songs to a mashup of covers. Enjoying his concert from the side of the stage, there is no doubt that I believe Tyler is a remarkably talented artist with an incredible future ahead.

13517381_1089977424418944_5669201010511445511_o-2There were many highlights during his set. One was when Tyler personally wished Abigail a happy 13th birthday! This very special moment shared on stage was fortunately caught on video!

Another highlight, one that I am very grateful for, was when Tyler made a shoutout to me during his set saying such encouraging and supportive words – thank you Tyler!


The music was played, the raffle winners were announced ~ congratulations Terri and Connie, and the final words were shared. The final thoughts were long from over though – it’s over, after months of planning, the event came, happened, and now passed. I almost felt empty. Having been so busy leading up to the concert had me feeling misplaced for not needing to stay up until the early morning sending emails or writing documents. It was a bittersweet event.

But the night wasn’t over…MEET AND GREET TIME! I walked out into the lobby to find a very long line of guests anxious to meet Tyler, Dustin and Denis. I even found myself part of the meet and greet from time to time, and to my surprise, I got to sign my first autograph too!



The building was cleared with the exception of myself, my family, and The Empire Theatre staff. The event was truly over – it felt like a dream…a dream I never wanted to end. From the beginning of the journey when I messaged Tyler on Facebook inviting him to be apart of the concert, to the concert happening in real time. I wish I could re-live it all. I’ve learned so much too, between event planning skills to business skills to hosting skills, and more! The best part was that the journey was fun – the process was too enjoyable to feel like work. Hmm..maybe ‘event planner’ is a job of my future?

Last words
Although the night itself is over, it will always be on replay in my head. I want to thank all of the performers for being so amazing at what they do, all of the volunteers for generously donating their time to this event, and everyone who attended the concert and participated in the raffle draw.

I want to extend my thanks to Jason Patterson for being the photographer for this event, The Empire Theatre for the great venue and guidance along the way, and to Mix 97 – Quinte’s Best Variety for being the media sponsors. Mix 97 contributed greatly to promoting the event out to Mix Nation and beyond. On top of actively promoting, they held give aways, and even interviewed Tyler live on the air.


Long post short, on behalf of myself and Free The Children, thank you to everyone who was involved in the truly special event: Tyler Shaw Live In Concert.

Now off to sleep I go, crossing my fingers that the dreams about to occur are replays of June 18th



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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I finished my first year of college in April, spoke at a high school in May, and just finished re-walking the halls of an elementary school. This is what I call real-time time travel!

Revisiting my younger years…

13416736_1078183778931642_2197510622569097166_oOn June 9th, I visited Georges Vanier Catholic School (GV), and then on June 13th, I visited Our Lady of Fatima. I spoke about myself as a titleholder and Free The Children at both schools, however, really focusing on my platform. Grade 8 was when my self esteem started fading, so I especially encouraged the senior grades to always remember that they’re flawless in every way possible

I spoke to the GV students all in one presentation. After my presentation, we had a question and answer session. The most memorable question I received was during our makeup talk: “have you heard of the spoon method?”. It sounds so funny to say, but using a spoon to help layer eyeshadow really does work!! Well, as long as you remember to blend after. 😉

With there being so many students, I was able to host a IMG_6699contest for a Tyler Shaw Live In Concert ticket. Trivia questions regarding my entire presentation were asked – about me, about pageants, about Free The Children, about Tyler Shaw, even about the make up tips I provided! Answers were flying around like hot pockets, but in the end, by 1 point, Isabella S. was the winner of the complimentary ticket.

At Our Lady of Fatima, I spoke to individual classes. I wanted to give a shoutout to the 5/6 class! I have never experienced such a cohesive group of students – all inclusive of another and full of fun. A lot of the hats off goes to the teacher though! One of the many great things she does is let the students have dance parties every morning!! Speaking of dance party’s, we got to all dance to Tyler Shaw’s hit song “Wicked” that morning. It was such a fun moment to be apart of.

The 7/8 class was a blast too, but in a different way. We had a great discussion about how the majority believes beauty pageants only focus on how someone looks while wearing an evening gown and bikini. Everyone always seems to forget inner beauty: compassion, willingness to help others, humbleness, etc.


The most special moment was that after each class at both schools, at least one student came up to me with big hugs and some comments. One girl said that I was a big inspiration. I am so honoured to have impacted her in such a positive way!

How important is having positive self esteem?
I believe self esteem is influenced a lot by body confidence. When I was very insecure about my appearance, I would isolate myself because I felt as though others were judging me too. The isolation made me miserable, to the point where living became a chore …it’s crazy to imagine what lack of self esteem can evolve into.

It isn’t the amount of years you live, but how you live your years, so if I can inspire at least 1 person with my message, that’s one less person that has to go through the draining mental state I went through.

You’re beautiful,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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“Look, a princess!” edited

“Want to go meet the princess?”

“Hi princess!”

“Are you the Queen of Belleville?”

Might I say, I would probably say something along those lines too if I saw someone wearing a crown in a shopping mall!

June 11th was super fun. I spent 8.5 hours promoting Tyler Shaw Live In Concert in my local mall. That meant 8.5 hours of blasting his newest album, “Yesterday“, on loop! I can easily say I know all of his songs by heart now.

Many people stopped by, either asking why I was there that day, to purchase tickets, or inquiring about the barbecue and gift card displayed on the counter.


This barbecue display was a sneak peak of a prize to be given out to one of the attendee’s of the concert. In order to further fundraise for Free The Children, I am hosting raffles at the concert! One raffle prize is this barbecue. This nearly $200 red-lid barbecue was generously donated by Walmart Belleville! The other prize was donated by Tomasso’s Italian Bar and Grille, and Jim’s Pizzeria! They have supported me since I first began this journey in October 2015. This time around, they donated a $25.00 gift certificate!

What a coincidence that these raffles are being held a day before Father’s Day – what better gifts for dad than a barbecue or dinner to a great restaurant!?

Only 7 more days until Belleville gets wicked! Get your tickets now!

Signing off for now,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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^^ My exact thoughts all throughout June 9th and 10th! I had the privilege of being a special awards presenter at the Level 3-5 Compulsory Ontario Championships for gymnastics. Huge shoutout to all of the gymnasts who competed at the competition! I have past training in acro, however I had never even thought of attempting what some of these young ones were executing a few days ago!

How strong can a gymnast be anyways?
Gymnasts are extremely strong in all realms! Beam refines their centre of balance, bars strengthens their upper body, floor excels musicality, and vault strengthens power for tumbling. However, this is just my opinion. I’m no gymnast, so I am sure there are gymnasts reading this shaking their head thinking – there is even more to gymnastics than that! And I wouldn’t even be the least bit surprised if that was the case! How else would these gymnasts achieve such precision? I mean, within these past few days, I met 9 year olds that were 3 times (at least) stronger than I was!

Blast from the past

IMG_2709On top of meeting the young powerhouses, I reunited with a former student of mine. At a summer dance camp I taught at a few years back was when I first met Julia P. After seeing her tumbling throughout that week of camp, I had a hunch her career would soar. Years later, we meet again – working together to present the awards for this championship! It never fails to amaze me how small this world is.

During our downtime, Julia updated about what she has been about, and holy were my hunch’s right! Already winning high placements at numerous competitions, Julia told me her goal was to make it to the Olympics. This goal was not just a dream – Julia has it all planned out! She filled me in on what levels she has yet to complete, and at what age she plans on entering the Olympics. After watching some clips myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if she reaches that goal right on track!

I also met Dani Guppy from Rock 107 radio station! Check out our selfie!


Thank you Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club for hosting the event, and inviting me to be apart of it! It was a honour to be one of the local celebrity award presenters!

Keep on flippin’,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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