^^ My exact thoughts all throughout June 9th and 10th! I had the privilege of being a special awards presenter at the Level 3-5 Compulsory Ontario Championships for gymnastics. Huge shoutout to all of the gymnasts who competed at the competition! I have past training in acro, however I had never even thought of attempting what some of these young ones were executing a few days ago!

How strong can a gymnast be anyways?
Gymnasts are extremely strong in all realms! Beam refines their centre of balance, bars strengthens their upper body, floor excels musicality, and vault strengthens power for tumbling. However, this is just my opinion. I’m no gymnast, so I am sure there are gymnasts reading this shaking their head thinking – there is even more to gymnastics than that! And I wouldn’t even be the least bit surprised if that was the case! How else would these gymnasts achieve such precision? I mean, within these past few days, I met 9 year olds that were 3 times (at least) stronger than I was!

Blast from the past

IMG_2709On top of meeting the young powerhouses, I reunited with a former student of mine. At a summer dance camp I taught at a few years back was when I first met Julia P. After seeing her tumbling throughout that week of camp, I had a hunch her career would soar. Years later, we meet again – working together to present the awards for this championship! It never fails to amaze me how small this world is.

During our downtime, Julia updated about what she has been about, and holy were my hunch’s right! Already winning high placements at numerous competitions, Julia told me her goal was to make it to the Olympics. This goal was not just a dream – Julia has it all planned out! She filled me in on what levels she has yet to complete, and at what age she plans on entering the Olympics. After watching some clips myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if she reaches that goal right on track!

I also met Dani Guppy from Rock 107 radio station! Check out our selfie!


Thank you Quinte Bay Gymnastics Club for hosting the event, and inviting me to be apart of it! It was a honour to be one of the local celebrity award presenters!

Keep on flippin’,



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