When asked to create a commercial promoting personalized bath towels, I can’t help but think back to a hilarious personal experience. This commercial is a humorous, relatable situation that will be sure to grab the attention of the audience.

The comercial starts off with a man alone in the bathroom. Everything is white and clean, very modern. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. The music is happy, but not too energetic, and quiet enough to hear the birds chirping. Tweet! Tweet! Overall, it is a perfect morning.


The man is young, healthy and has a great smile. He is washing his face and around his neck area. He begins move lower and wash his armpits. The music continues to play, a happy, upbeat tune. The man… named John, puts the facecloth back on the drying rack.

A possible actor for this role could be Paul Walker.



The mans wife, Sarah, walks into the washroom and begins to wash her face. She is young, healthy and very beautiful. Sarah has a radiant skin and a natural glow. A possible actress could be Troian Bellisario (Spencer from Pretty Little Liars).








She picks up her husbands armpit towel and wipes her face. The music stops and the birds stop chirping. She screams and drops the towel in the sink. The camera zooms in on Sarah, she makes a horrified face full of creases and wrinkles in her forehead. She frantically washes her face and dry’s it with the OTHER towel.

The camera pans out to calm, relaxing music. The words,” Signature Personalized Bath Towels, so you know which towel is yours.”

Written by: Natasha Bordiuk
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