Some students don’t like school, some don’t mind it, and some love it. When I was in elementary school, I tried to take my love for learning to a whole new level by skipping a grade! I studied very hard and was a perfectionist with my work ~ never ready to hand assignments in until I felt I could no longer improve it. I am glad I put this drive onto myself at a young age, because it has helped me stay focused as I now venture towards a career. However, I am also glad that I never ended up skipping any elementary level grades, because that means that I may not have met many great teachers I was taught by.

Hats Off To Great Teachers
My grade 3 teacher, Mr. Howe, was extra special. He would play us songs on his guitars, and motivate us to reach for our biggest dreams: as a young dancer, I looked up to him a lot.

This past November, before I competed for Miss Teenage Ontario, I ran into Mr. Howe at a local mall. After catching up, I learned that he still is achieving new heights. At that time, he was in the works of creating a new children’s festival for the Quinte region. It was to be called Kidstock Quinte Children’s Festival, and its focus was to provide the youth of Quinte access to the multiple varieties of art: dance, music, theatre, etc. Before we parted, he invited me to consider being apart of the festival!


The considering took no time at all: of course I would want to be apart of an event that promotes art culture in my community! Kidstock Quinte Children’s Festival will take place May 11th-15th. It is a 5 day/6 act festival put on by the Quinte Children’s Theatre. On top of the arts and entertainment, food and attractions, such as a rock climbing wall, will be there! Click here for more information about what’s in store.

Benefits Of The Arts

4Being exposed to the arts, especially through child development, has multiple benefits. From intrinsic to extrinsic benefits, experiences in the arts promotes increased engagement, social skills, self confidence, and effective expression of thought, knowledge and feelings. This is not a blurb from the internet, but something I stand by. I have been involved with multiple art forms since childhood – from dance, to music, to the visual arts. I believe that my independence, determination, and social skills, to name a few, is highly driven by my involvement with the arts. I firmly believe I would not be who I am, nor where I am in life, today should I have not been so tied with the arts.

I believe that a child’s biggest influence is their parents, so by taking your child(ren) to Kidstock, you are promoting the likelihood of the above benefits. Besides, Kidstock offers very affordable ticket prices so that the whole family can enjoy the festivities – why miss such a great opportunity!

This great opportunity could not be put on without Kidstock’s generous sponsors. Kidstock’s premier sponsor is Take Mike For Granite – a knowledgeable, friendly service and installation of granite, marble and quartz creations. However, there are also many other sponsors behind this fun filled festival. Click here for the full list!

You will find me at the festival on May 11th and 15th. I’m very excited to be one of the opening speakers before Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre takes the stage, as well as one of the closing speakers! I have my countdown started to Kidstock – do you?

Can’t wait to see you there,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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