The beginning to a new chapter in my life….

Pageant sisters

Pageant sisters

Nicole here, guess who just received their blogging page! I am your new Miss Teenage South Central Ontario for 2017 🙂 I’m super excited to share my journey up to the Miss teenage Canada competition, be sure to bookmark my page and follow me along the way!

About me

I am from the beautiful Toronto Ontario, and have lived their my whole life. Being a city girl I love Toronto, and all the hustle and bustle that comes along with it. I’ve just recently turned 18 years young, and I am currently in 12th grade. My biggest passion in life is tennis. I have been playing since the age of five, and I intend to play for the rest of my life. I am currently transitioning from a junior, into a professional tennis player. I love traveling, seeing all the beautiful countries in the world, experiencing different cultures, hearing new languages and my favourite eating soooo much food! When I entered this pageant, and was told to pick a platform, I instantly knew I wanted it to be around sports, “empowering women through physical activity.” Being active is something I do on a daily basis, and the benefits I’ve gained from it are really amazing. On my page, I will post so many different things. Mainly being the adventures in my reign, all the appearances, how I intend to inspire and help others, and you will also have a closer look on a big part of my life, the journey in my tennis career!

Miss Teenage Ontario Pageant

The fun packed weekend began at sign in. At first walking in I was nervous, not knowing what to expect, but I guess that was pretty normal considering it was my first pageant ever. Those nerves went away quickly when I saw how friendly all the girls were, as well as all the other kind people who helped make the event possible. In those first moments I met my first pageant
“sister,” the one who was going on to win Miss teenage Halton! She was one of the younger competitors, but you couldn’t even tell with how mature and confident she was right from the start. We stuck by each other’s side from the beginning till the end learning everything, from walking, talking, posing, and dancing. Together we were encouraging each other, as well as freaking out together!

Soon enough it was time for the big show, everyone back stage had their minds filled with so many different emotions. Mine really kicked in when it was time for the opening number. I remember it was my turn to walk out on stage, I saw all those people that came for the show, which then caused a hugeeeee rush of adrenaline. To top it all I saw my friends and family sitting right in front of the area where I was on stage! I had to walk off after my first part and I remember laughing and saying to Miss Teenage Canada 2016: “wow I feel sick in my stomach.” From that moment, when I went back on stage, all those nerves went away. I realized we were all so beautiful that night, we were lucky to be there, so I said to myself: “I should be excited and confident to show off what I’ve worked on.”

Backstage was a mix of two things: absolute madness with girls rushing to make it for their next number, and a party atmosphere; every time we finished an event we would go behind the stage and take as many pictures with each other as we could, to be able to remember those moments. We would dance and sing along to the music being played on the stage. You could really tell that every single girl was so happy and proud of themselves; getting up on that stage doing what we did, took a lot of courage. So, we felt empowered…. At least, I did.

Group selfie with everyone backstage!

The night eventually was coming to an end, and it was time for crowning. I was with the future Miss teenage Halton, and future Miss teenage Waterloo. We were saying to one another how badly we all wanted each other to get a title, so we can be together at Nationals, and if we hear each other’s names we will freak out! When we went back on stage, contestant’s numbers were being called and previous winners were coming to award them with a crown and a bouquet of flowers. Miss teenage Waterloo was called, then I heard Miss teenage Halton called, and I got so excited. As they kept calling names there were only two spots left and I wasn’t called yet; (yes at this moment I was freaking out), then all of a sudden I heard my name, I had all these emotions running through me, and I was so proud and happy. When I looked over to my parents, both of them were with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on their faces, which made me feel even more special inside. The moment all the finalists were announced I tried to look for my closest pageant sisters and we gave each other the biggest hug, we went through the whole process together and to able to celebrate with them, was unreal.

My crowning moment

My crowning moment

Of course many responsibilities come along with this title…. Starting with, promoting our platforms; mine is: inspiring women through physical activity. We also will be raising for the pageants charity of choice. I was honoured to be chosen as a finalist and I can’t wait to represent my community, and help everyone around me! The one thing my parents have taught me and I’ve valued my whole life is to always be kind no matter what, to be able to do good deeds every day of my life and I really hope to achieve even more of that in 2017. I’m new at doing these blogs, but hey…, it’s all about trying new things!

Make sure to follow along with me and the journeys I will encounter through this reign, as well as all the other Miss Teenage Canada contestants!

I’ll speak to you all soon. Remember to Be Fabulous!
Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 🙂




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