Shoutout to all of the women who have ever lived on this earth! Together, we are breaking stereotypes and redefining our gender’s expectations. Equality between genders may not be achieved at the present moment, though genders were way more segregated once upon a time.

History has shown itself time and time again that women are rising to the challenge of equalizing a female to a male. Below are just a few points I found interesting when researching into the history of women in Canada.

1875: First officially licensed female doctor, whom was Jenny Trout

1918: Women over 21 get the right to vote at the federal elections

1919: Women are given the right to run for election to the House of Commons

1990s: 52.6% of women 15 years old and older were part of the labour force

2006: Bev Busson is appointed as the first woman Commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

2010: Kathy Dunderdale was sworn in as the first female premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

Equality is not achieved through the degradation of men, but rather through the promotion of women so that both genders have equal rights and expectations. These women, and many more, do just that.

I want to send a huge hug to every women out there: keep inspiring. Happy‪ #‎InternationalWomensDay‬

This Past Weekend
12062552_10207247585961537_560628610_oThis past weekend was very exciting for me because it was my first public appearance as the 2016 Miss Teenage South Central Ontario! The Dance Company invited me to be apart of their fundraiser Vendor Show. I like to compare a vendor show to a temporary mini mall – the event is not longterm, consists of many businesses, and each business gets their own table to advertise their products. While I was at the event, I met all of the vendor holders. They were all so enlightening and supportive of me. One vendor holder told me “that I am an inspiration and the perfect role model to youth”. Her words still make me smile; all I want is to lead by good example, and to hear that I am doing just that is so fulfilling.

At the event, I got to greet customers and assist with raffle selling. Must I say how much pressure it is to choose a raffle winner considering everyone is chanting that their ticket be the lucky one picked?

Photograph by Snapd Quinte

TDC Vendor Show






Thank you The Dance Company for making my first event appearance so fantastic!



This Upcoming Weekend

As we begin to spring clean, it’s also time to restock! Angela Maracle Studios is hosting a Garage Sale to fundraise for their upcoming shows. Visit their studio this coming Saturday or Sunday from 9-4pm to browse amongst great products! Check this sneak peak of what will be sold!

Bonus: You’ll see me if you attend Saturday anytime between 9am and 1pm! 🙂


Guess what? Yet another blog post published while riding along the Canadian railway. Here is a picture of my view (isn’t it stunning?)! I feel spoiled to see this scenery daily!

Ontario Landscape

And to answer your assumptions: yes, I will definitely be continuing to share photos of our beautiful country with you throughout my travels!




Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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