Canada Day 2016 was like no other. I had the privilege and pleasure of spending it with both Quinte West and Belleville! From 10am until shortly after 10pm, I was travelling from city to city, enjoying the festivities and meeting many of the other Canadians celebrating there that day.


My morning started off with Quinte West Canada Day‘s Canada Day Eh Parade. Quinte West made my ‘first time in a parade’ experience undeniably unforgettable!

First, I have a secret passion for vintage cars. They are so interesting to look at, being
so unique to the modern day vehicle. I may or may not have squealed with excitement a little when I saw this Plymouth Roadrunner being driven to me. Ou, I wonder who get’s to ride in that car? Wouldn’t they be lucky. It gets closer… I really hope I’m the one who get’s to ride in that! It’s so nice! It parks right in front of me. The car gods were listening to my prayers! 13603395_1092242940859059_8186148213474503423_o

From the sweet ride, to meeting so many people, to the fact that I was in a parade for my first time, the entire parade was an
amazing experience! 

But the ‘meeting people’ part didn’t stop there! After the parade, I handed out Canada Day flags to the ceremony’s attendees, which gave me the opportunity to speak to quite a few people. Afterward, I formally spoke about my platform, Free The Children, and the Miss Teenage Canada pageant at Quinte West’s Canada Day Opening Ceremonies. I was honoured to have been speaking alongside the honourary members of Quinte West. Right after the ceremonies, I had to head back on the road because…


Belleville’s Canada D’Eh was about to 13528449_1092242664192420_4365326797276362097_obegin! There too, I had the honour of speaking alongside the honourary members of the city. Here, I spoke about my title and the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I shared with the audience what the exciting week leading to the pageant may be like, as well as the opportunity for them to vote me as their Miss Teenage Canada People’s Choice! I was so humbled to have so many people come up to me after the ceremonies asking for further information on how to vote!

13438884_1092240674192619_3694909812745080132_nStaying for a few hours, I met even more people and took part in many of the day’s festivities! Here, I am with Belleville’s iconic Canada Day cupcake flag before it was devoured. I also caught up with Mix 97 and 95.5 radio station, check out the bouncy castles, and watch some cheerleading!


Back to the City Of Quinte West I went! My evening started off with pitching practice with some of the players from QWABA! Safe to say, I need a few practices before I pitch for a live game! Maybe work on my leg kick a little bit more?


The night ended with a memorable moment shared on stage with the Wrought Iron Roots. I was invited to sing on stage with them to their song ‘Wagon Wheel’. I had a fantastic time! 13603421_1091967747553245_2901847304932462464_o

This has defnitely been the most memorable Canada Day I have ever had! Thank you again Quinte West and City of Belleville | Municipal Government for having made my journey to Miss Teenage Canada so special!

There were tons more photos taken throughout the day! Click here to check them all out!

Hope you had a Happy Canada Day!



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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