Today was an amazing day, I went to the Bowmanville Zoo with the most amazing pageant sisters. We had a blast meeting the baby lion and the baby tiger. After that we meet a lemur named Maurice.


We then went to the Eaton Centre for lunch, where we ate at the Richtree Taco Truck. There were so many delicious things to order, but I chose the chicken burrito. The burrito was so so good, but very spicy. I do eat some spicy foods so it wasn’t too bad for me. I thought that the Taco Truck was very cute and convenient. They take your order and within minutes it was ready! I was so surprised on how fast I got my food. Everyone working there was so sweet and very generous. The Taco Truck was also in a very convenient place, away for the other food places. The place was quite busy. The chicken burrito that I ate was probably the best I have had ever and I defiantly consider going back to the Eaton Centre for another. Thank you to Richtree Taco Truck for having the Miss Teenage Canada Delegates and supplying us with an amazing lunch! We all enjoyed it very much.

Loys of love xx


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