Hi everyone…. Its Nicole here again! A few months have passed since I’ve last posted on my blog, and I have to say that I missed you all <3 These last few weeks, so many dreams had come true for me and I got to experience moments that I have dreamed of my entire life. Being able to share all of this with you and give you the chance to live through it on the blog is truly special. Hope you enjoy!


On February 18th I had the opportunity in making my first appearance as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario! (Still so crazy to me that I can call myself that, haven’t gotten used to it yet.) I was invited to participate in a Tennis Exhibition among four other professional tennis players. The special guests invited were all ranked inside of either the WTA or ATP top 100, they have won thousands of matches between them, and one had two Grand Slam Doubles Titles under her belt!  We were showcasing for children of all ages as well as adults, the importance of physical activity, and also showing them how fun it is! We talked with the people, took pictures, as well as entertain a bit, by playing some tennis for them. This was one example of a dream come true for me. I had always watched Professional tennis players as a little girl in front of my TV and dreamed to practice with them, and eventually compete against them one day, and on February 18th 2017 that’s exactly what I did! Given my platform of inspiring women through physical activity and tennis background this was the perfect event for me; I had so much fun, and felt so good to empower all those people….. I can’t wait to attend more events like this in the future!

Tennis Event with the Professionals and some kids

Me and the WTA and ATP professional tennis players at the exhibition charity event











As promised in the past. I am going to bring you all along on the other side of my life, the side where I live out of a suitcase to become a tennis player. Towards the end of March I got to travel all the way to………. Get ready for this……… Egypt Sharm El Sheik!!!!!!!!!! I was lucky enough to go and compete in three $15,000 ITF Pro Circuit events. It was so crazy and different across the other side of the world! I got to experience a new language,

The Beach In Egypt

and even learn a few words, one of them being “habibi” a word used for close friends. The weather there was exceptional, and I was so pleased to find out that the sea was like a five minute walk from the resort and tennis courts. One of the really cool parts of travelling to new tournaments is all the new friends I got to make, on the court they are your

Me in Sharm El Sheik, Soho Square

opponents and we are all there to win, but at night we all eat dinner together, then we play cards and laugh with each other for hours. Being able to visit Egypt was a dream of mine, and by working hard every day to be able to compete at that professional level I was able to fulfill that dream.




Europe time!

Next up on my calendar was two weeks in Portugal!!!! The trip didn’t start off too great unfortunately, because I arrived

Brigadeiro yummmm!!

at the airport to soon find out they had lost my bag, and  would wait a few days for it. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to me so “travel tip of the day: always take two emergency outfits with you in a carry-on!” The tournament had taken place in an area called Obidos, about one hour from Lisbon. The first seven days was pretty rough because it rained for 7 days non-stop! (No I’m not kidding…)  So during that time me and my friends decided to explore, we got to see the Obidos castle, where the 2017 Chocolate Festival was, every athlete’s dream place! That’s where I discovered my new favorite dessert called Brigadeiro. We also drove to Lisbon, and got to ride around, in their famous street trams; stopping in the center we visited the Praca Do Comercio. After taking in the beautiful sites and capturing hundreds of photos we decided it was time to go eat. We visited, the world famous Time Out Market, which is a place with all different chefs and different cuisines.

Praca Do Comercio in Lisbon

Chocolate Festival In Obidos









As a tennis player, you usually don’t have much time to see places, so in a way I was lucky it rained, but at the end of the day I was there for one reason and that was my tennis! This week was truly the biggest dream come true for me…. I would say it was the greatest moment in my entire tennis career so far. I had partnered up with a former top 200 WTA player and played doubles with her. The tournament was played on a carpet surface and it was really fast and weird to play the matches on. We ended up winning our match, and that was now one of three matches that I won main draw meaning, I have officially got my professional tennis ranking! Something I have dreamed my whole life of happening. Now I don’t have to say I am transitioning to becoming a professional tennis player, I can now say that I am one! It’s currently at 1284 but I am going to keep working hard and slowly build it to become higher!

Me Competing in a Professional Tennis Tournament

The last stop for me was Rome, Italy! Ever since I was little this was my dream destination, I always dreamed to speak Italian, which I am currently studying, and I was always in love with everything Italian….i trained there for two weeks and also visited a few places. I got to see the Fontana Di Trevi, and I will say it is number one for the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life, it was surreal. I also visited Piazza Di Spagna, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, Monumento A Vittorio Emanuele, The  Arch of Constantine and the Coliseum. Everything was so breathtaking, and full of history. One of my favorite things in Rome was the food, all the gelato, pizza, and different kinds of pasta, was beyond incredible, I never ate so much food in my life!


Italian Pizza

Arch of Constantine

The beautiful Coliseum

Fontana Di Trevi




















There aren’t enough words to describe the adventures I’ve experienced these past two months, I am so thankful for it all. I really feel that I grew as a person and learned so much from travelling all alone, I realized that if you keep working hard in life dreams do come true, because in these last weeks I’ve had so many of mine come true! I am so happy to share these moments that are so special to me with you guys, and I thank you for following my journey!

I can write to you guys all day long, but it’s now time to say Ciao!!!! If you guys ever have any questions let me know and comment down below!

Remember to stay fabulous <3


Nicole…. Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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  1. Nicoleta says:

    Felicitări, Nicole, și multa bafta în continuare!

  2. Miss Teenage Avalon says:

    Wow, your pictures look amazing. It sounded like an incredible experience!

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