Yet again has Quinte West welcomed me into their city with open arms. I was invited to speak a delegation at Quinte West’s City Council Meeting on June 6th! I had a similar agenda to what I spoke about at Belleville’s City Council Meeting back on May 24th, however the experiences were each unique!

Helpful Surprises
A focus of yesterday’s presentation was to invite the city and its businesses to support my fundraising initiatives through sponsorship. One of the council members asked what I was exactly requesting for. Initially, a little siren in the back of my head went off:

Don’t ramble; be clear; stop panicking…. say something would ya!

If I had focused those two seconds on forming an answer rather than panicking, I would have simply said “Sponsorship as displayed on the screen, in-kind donation, and promotional assistant is what I am asking for”, however, my answer was instead filled with uh’s and uhm’s.

So why am I telling you this? Aren’t pageant titleholders supposed to present themselves with perfection?
Ever since January’s pageant, I realized that my interview skills needed some fine tuning. As the Miss Teenage Canada title I aspire for involves many speaking opportunities, I have committed to practicing my interview skills.

I believe that since everyone is made unique, there is no such thing as perfection. But…if I’m not perfect then, does that mean that my less capable interview skills are a flaw? No! It is only a temporary weakness, because it can be improved. And in fact, everything can be improved! There is potential and strength in every “flaw” you could think of, making them only short-lived weaknesses. The next step though is not to dwell on those weaknesses, but rather embrace them and learn from them.

Ok…long story short…it’s human to have weaknesses, and answering questions in an interview is mine. I wanted to show you that regardless of earning a title, there is still things that I, and the other titleholders too, have to work on. My journey to Miss Teenage Canada is a constant learning experience, and I wanted everyone to understand that titleholders are humans too – not perfect, but flawless.

Canada Day Sneak Peak
Back to the topic of the meeting….another council member asked if I would like to join Quinte West for Canada Day! I am very excited to share with you in the near future how I will be spending Canada Day with all of Quinte West!

A Generous Ending
My presentation finished with Mayor Jim Harrison donating to my fundraising efforts! The people of Quinte West are so involved in my efforts – it’s so encouraging as I venture to one of the biggest moments of my life thus far.


Thank you Quinte West for being so supportive!

Unfortunately, I was enjoying the moment too much to take many photos! However, you can catch the video of the presentation by clicking here and fast forwarding to 8 minutes.

Before you close this blog post, take a look at this sweet ride! Not to give any surprises away, but I may or may not be riding in this or similar in the upcoming Quinte West Canada Day Eh Community Parade!


Now, I’m off to go better fine tune my interview skills,



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