Hi everyone! I hope you all had a happy Easter/buona Pasqua. Did anyone give up anything for the 40 days of Lent? I tried my hardest to give up negative self-talk, especially in the dance studio. My platform isn’t what it is solely because of my past, but also because it relates so much to me right now. I often feel defeated by my body figure, so I’m always reminding myself that my body does not define the artist in me. I love to express my emotions through movement, but I cannot do that when I spend my time dwelling on what I interpret as flaws. Although I couldn’t keep optimistic for every single class I took, I felt a lot happier these past 40 days than I did before lent. This is a goal I will keep with me throughout my life, and I encourage everyone struggling with body image to practice the same!

1st Annual Winter WarmUp Craft Sale & Kids Activity Area

1st Annual Winter WarmupTime-travelling back two weekends ago, Saturday March 19th I was apart of the 1st Annual Winter WarmUp Craft Sale & Kids Activity Area at the Brighton Arena. I had a wonderful day while there – many hello’s to little ones, and describing my journey to others. I also did something there for the first time: I had an Angel reading! Thank you Angel Blessings for such a positive reading. I will take what you shared with me forever.

At the event, I got to catch up with a supporter since the beginning: Alicia from Dippity Doo Face and Body Art, as she was face painting and selling treats. Additionally, she was making balloon bunnies and donating the proceeds from them to my fundraising for nationals. Thank you Alicia for your generosity! It was wonderful catching up with you, and I hope to unite again soon.

Dance Show
The next day, March 20th, I was in Stirling! I was With The Studio Directorinvited to attend Angela Maracle Studio’s 2016 Send Off. What a great show I experienced! The choreography and dancing were great, and any little slip-ups were seamless due to the professionalism of the students. From Musical Theatre, to Pointe, to Hip Hop – my eyes were always entertained. On top of being an audience member, I got to present a small speech prior to the first dance. I spoke about my title, my platform, and an extra message I wanted to send to all of the aspiring dancers out there. Click here to listen!

And now to Canada’s sport

50/50 PartnersThis past Friday, March 25th, I spent the evening at the Duncan Mcdonald Memorial Community Gardens partaking in the Trenton Golden Hawks vs Wellington Dukes final game against each other! I hadn’t been to a hockey game since the Belleville Bulls changed to Hamilton Bulldogs, so attending this game was really exciting for me! The experience was amazing – there were more people attending than there were seats. While I was there, I spent my time selling 50/50 tickets with a local young hockey player. During the process, I met lots of wonderful locals! Pictures were taken, conversations were had, and ultimately, 50/50 tickets were sold. The winner of the draw took home a little over $2,000 – wow! To top off the night, the Trenton Golden Hawks lead the 1-0 game and will be advancing to play against the Kingston Frontenacs. Congratulations Trenton Golden Hawks for your win, and Wellington Dukes for a great season played! I’m proud to be representing both these teams.

Living in the present now…happy April 1st, or should I say, happy April Fools Day!
There were definitely some memorable jokes made in my school today. Did you pull any pranks?

Stay golden,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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