Hi everybody, I’m back for my third and final blog assignment! We had the opportunity to attend a super fun event, it was organized by Miss Teenage Canada and all of the sponsors this week.
We basically got spoiled, and got so many fun, and beautiful gifts. First we started off with an orientation, where they talked about what we are going to do this week. We then moved along to collect our sash from our province. I was super excited for that part, because it meant I got to own a second sash. I want to take the time to thank each sponsor individually as I continue this post!

All the lovely gifts I received from sponsors!





Posing for the camera, with Samantha Pierre



Nine West Canada

Amazing shoes provided by Nine West

Huge shoutout to Nine West Canada, they are the official shoe sponsor this week.They have been kind enough to sponsor the girls with super cute heels for rehearsals and the competition night! I love their shoes for many reason. They are very fashionable, tons of different styles, and most importantly they are extremely comfortable. I can confidently say that all the girls are very excited to compete in them!

Archer Dental

Me and my pageant sister excited about Archer Dental

Thank you to Archer dental, for providing us with the tools, to have a beautiful white smile throughout the week. Us pageant girls are constantly in the spotlight; for appearances, photo shoots, and even social media. That being said its super important for us to have the proper dental hygiene and show off our beautiful smiles!

Golden Glamour Goddesses

I would like to thank Golden Glamour Goddesses. They generously gave all the girls some shea body butter and soap, and because of them we will have shiny flawless skin throughout the week!


Modelling one of their watches that they will sponsor to the new Miss Teenage Canada









Our next wonderful sponsor is Uptothetime. They surprised all the girls with some cute necklaces. In my bag I got a super cute gold necklace with a pendant in the shape of a circles, with shiny stones all around. We also got the opportunity to model some fun coloured watches for them. The winner of Miss Teenage Canada will be going home with a watch of their choice!

Street Chic

Me and Lily Liao for street chic magazine

Lots of love sent towards Street Chic!!!! Not only did they give us the opportunity last week to feature on their magazine, but they gave us girls really darling earrings. I also had the opportunity to speak with Lily Liao from street chic, and take a photo together.

Me and Samantha Rapping!!!!

Delicious cake that was brought for the girls.

As for other sponsors of the event, I didn’t get to attend their table because I ended up doing a rap duet, with Samantha Pierre 2016 Miss Teenage Canada, and we used the microphone provided by wandering minstrel music school.

Overall the entire event was a huge success, and it was a lovely opportunity. I have to say the cake in the end was definitely the icing on top of it all! It was a wonderful way to begin our week for Miss Teenage Canada!

Thank you for following along my three blog assignments, xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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Stay fabulous …….
Nicole Miss Teenage South Central Ontario

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Written by: Nicole

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