Hi everyone!!!!! I’m back again, and this time with really exciting news. I’ve just finished my second blog assignment for Miss Teenage Canada, and so far this one has been my favorite. We were lucky enough, to team up with a new online Canadian Fashion look-book style magazine called “Street Chic.” It is edited by the lovely Lily Liao, and created “by the people for the people.” Our tasks were to show what we thought were the best fashions on-the-street, and interview the people asking details about what they were wearing. When I first heard what we were doing, I was super excited for the opportunity. Not only do we get to team up with a magazine, but we also get to cover the topic of fashion! Waking up this morning, to see my article published on their site, was so amazing. It felt so rewarding to see the finished product, after all my hard work. Here is a little sneak peek of the process I went through to accomplish my article… enjoy!!!!

I ventured out into Toronto, on what I thought was the most appropriate street. I choose Young street, as it’s one of the longest in Canada. This meant I was bound to find unique styles. Obviously I wasn’t going to walk that whole street, so I narrowed down my location to which I thought was the most appropriate. I wanted to put a spin on things, so I decided to stay near the gym I workout at every day. Hence my name of the assignment “Fashion to Fitness.” I tried basing this experience towards my platform of “Empowering people through physical activity.” I wanted to capture the look, of people dressing fashionable at work, but able to easily change and keep a healthy lifestyle, by going to work out. Some of the people I interviewed worked out that same day, while others had different set days that they go to the gym.

Mary, in a dress bought in Italy from Blue Lagoon

I will be honest with you; the process wasn’t easy, as I stayed scouting for maybe four hours. A lot of the people were not comfortable with having their picture posted online, and I of course respected that. But no surprise, I didn’t let that stop me. I kept staying there and approaching all the people I could. That’s

Jamin.. a personal trainer, showering off his best accessory his fit figure!

our job as pageant girls isn’t it, we need to be able to approach the public and find ways to complete all tasks no matter what set-backs we have. I then had the fun idea of making a small survey for the models, asking them questions regarding both fitness and fashion. Then to sum it up at the end they talked to me about their outfits, where they had purchased them, and they also described the look they had.

Brianna, her favorite fitness is zumba, and she is wearing a top from bluenotes, and hand bag from Balta, and shoes from Ardene!!


Giana goes to the gym 4 times per week. she is wearing a top from H&M, shorts from Zara, and cute Nike athletic trainers.

One thing I had noticed was a lot of people from their workplace, were going to the gym on their lunch break. I saw them walk into the gym fashionable, and leave just as beautiful. This was an important sight to see, because it showed it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle, but be well dressed at the same time. Being active is very rewarding, giving you confidence, and a sense of achievement. In fact you don’t always have to have the most elaborate clothing and accessories. When you are happy in your own skin, having a strong and healthy body that is the best accessories you can have!  Therefore there shouldn’t be anything stopping us from being active!

I really enjoyed seeing the fashion Toronto has to offer. The trends seem to change all the time, and it’s very interesting to see people’s artistic style come out, and put a spin of their own on today’s fashion. It’s important for you to be yourself, and to rock what you wear as if you are walking on your own runway! I was really impressed, because I thought the models I had, really showcased that.

Remember as I always tell you, be fabulous!!!!!! And this time I mean it!

It’s time to say goodbye for a few days, but I will be back for my final blog assignment.

Please be sure to check out my published article on the street chic website and also browse through their lovely page!!!!

Fashion to Fitness in Downtown Toronto

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