• Ciao!!!!!! The countdown is almost coming to an end, and there are less than two weeks until the fun packed, Miss Teenage Canada week begins! That being said, there are so many things that have to get done, packing, final stages of practicing, and lastly blog assignments! We have been assigned three of them, so stay tuned these days for some exciting things 🙂

The first blog assignment is about a place we love in our region. As you all know, not only am I proud to be a Canadian, but I am even more proud to be a Torontonian! Toronto is such a beautiful city, with so many wonderful things to offer. We have an incredible skyline, breath taking attractions; such as the “CN Tower, and Air Canada center,” and one of my favorites is our delicious cuisine, with different foods from all over the world. I think that the most important thing that makes Toronto so special, is our diversity of cultures in the community. We like to embrace these cultures by having so many different festivals! This is why I have to say my favorite place in Toronto, is Mel Lastman square!!!!! It’s a public square at the North York Civic Center, and is named after the former North York mayor, Mel Lastman.

center of Mel Lastman square

Mel Lastman Square entrance

Inside the square is a wonderful park, with 20,000 square feet of open space, as well as an outdoor amphitheater, fountains, a garden court, and a reflecting pool.  In the square throughout the year they have special events, where they showcase music, art, dancing, food, theater, and even sports. Every summer in the outdoor theater, they feature Sunday Serenades jazz concerts. They also hold the RBC run for the kids, farmers markets, and my favorite is their huge Canada day celebration every year, filled with hundreds of fireworks! Fun fact, the first time I went to a Canada day celebration in this square, it was the moment I fell in love with the location. These events are planned by the cities, various cultural groups for every season, and they organize such memorable occasions. I especially love how this

street vendors in the square, on a saturday afternoon

location, really celebrates the meaning of our city, because

Amphitheater performance during the Aloha festival

we get to embrace so many different cultures with all the different festivals. We also get to appreciate and enjoy a variety in styles of arts. Doing all of this is a result of bringing our community together as one, to all appreciate the same things.  For me that is such a cool experience!

Mel Lastman Square isn’t always a busy place holding events every day, it is primarily a quiet and peaceful area, where people come to relax, sit, and socialize. A lot of the Toronto workers, enjoy coming on their lunch break, and eating in the fresh air. The square is kept very clean and designed nicely for the public to enjoy, with many different shrubs, planters, trees, and wooden benches surrounding the area. They can also listen and enjoy watching the artificial stream that runs from a fountain under a large sign at Young Street, into a big concrete square. Right in the center of the of the square is a large pond, it is placed there to watch and enjoy as a focal point in the summer. Then in our cold Canadian winters, it is used as a skating rink, where you can have fun and enjoy a warm hot chocolate after. Maybe that’s where some of our Canadian hokey champions grew up and skated!

The fountain, where workers like to sit by for lunch

The beautiful pond, which is also a skating rink in the winter

peaceful Mel Lastman square during the week

As you have read in this blog, there are so many different purposes for Mel Lastman Square, and I strongly think it’s a place you should go, and experience with your family for yourself! I have so many fond memories there, and I can’t wait to take my own family and kids too when I grow up, so I can create new memories!

Thank you for reading about my favorite place in Toronto…..

Stay fabulous friends 🙂



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