The past month has been full of interviews! From radio, to news sites, I am honoured to have shared my story with so many media platforms and have it reach such a huge population.

Belleville Magazine
A few months ago, Marilyn from Belleville magazine emailed me for an interview. I am excited to announce that I am featured on page 8 of their summer edition. The article talks about how pageantry has benefitted me, my role as Miss Teenage South Central Ontario, and how to support me for Miss Teenage Canada!

Mix 97
Mix 97 has been interviewing me for 10441282_903815879653821_8014220886275069354_nmonths! Our most recent live interview can be found here. Over a few minutes, we talk about Tyler Shaw Live In Concert and then my job as a dance teacher!

And top of interviewing me, Orlena Cain, one of the hosts of Mix 97, got to interview Tyler Shaw himself!! Click here to listen to the awesome interview.

IMG_8972Tim Durkin, who works for Mix 97, Cool 100, and CJBQ, interviewed me separately about all things pageant related! It was my first time being interviewed for a recording versus live. Information from the interview was then release on Quinte News, and can also be heard on each of the above radio stations!

Most recently, I was interviewed by Makala from InQuinte. Again, we talked about all things pageant related. This interview was a new experience: it was my first time choosing the interview location. Usually, I would visit an office or recording studio, however this time, I was interviewed at Starbucks! Wearing a sash in Starbucks definitely sparked some curious customers, but I must admit, I would be curious too if I were in a Starbucks enjoying my Strawberry Banana smoothie in my yoga wear and saw a teenager across from me wearing a dress, heels, and sash.

Our interview finished with a fun little shoot out in the lawn of Starbucks! This was another first: usually I send in photos for the articles published about me as a titleholder. This little shoot in a busy public area made me feel like a celebrity! To check out this article, click here!

A few more days until Tyler Shaw Live In Concert. It’s going to be a wicked event, be sure to get your tickets!

Stay golden,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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