The Miss Teenage Canada pageant gives multiple opportunities to its contestants. For one, it is the only pageant that sets up blogs for the purpose of allowing the contestants to write posts about themselves and their reign. With every privilege comes extra responsibility, and in this case, this means blog assignments. However, these assignments still give multiple opportunities! For instance, this particular assignment is a contest: each delegate designs a Miss Teenage Canada roll-up banner, and the winner gets theirs printed by Sign Source Solution.

Sign Source Solution
sign-sourceSign Source Solution is sponsoring this 33″ by 80″ roll-up banner. Owned by Avi Barak, this printing company is located in Toronto. Sign Source Solution is extremely versatile in their many products of custom signage printing. They provide design, sign consultation, installation and maintenance service. To learn more about Sign Source Solution (which I highly recommend that you do), click here!

My Banner Design
It will be at the July 24th’s final pageant that a member of the company will be bringing to life the winning design of the new Miss Teenage Canada banner! So, without further a due, here is my submission for this new Miss Teenage Canada roll-up banner, and a little bit about why I chose the designs that I did.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11

Miss Teenage Canada has two very significant key points: the logo, and ~ considering it is a pageant, a crown. This is why these two components of my banner design are the largest.

Directly following the Miss Teenage Canada logo is their motto: be your own kind of beautiful. This is a very important aspect to have on a banner, as it shows what the business’s mission is and what it stands for.

One popular aspect of pageantry is the evening gown segment, reasoning for why there are silhouettes of contestants walking in their evening gowns. The silhouettes are in the background of the banner as they are not the focal point, but rather an additional feature.

Another famous aspect of pageantry is the swimsuit competition, however considering that a silhouette of a contestant wearing a swimsuit in unrecognizable, this component was left out of the banner design.

As a customer looking at a banner of a business, it is important to know the main information.

Who: Canadian Females Aged 13-19

What: Miss Teenage Canada, become Canada’s Ambassador

Where: Canada

Why: Discover true potential, scholarships, coaching, seminars, charity and community involvement, become Canada’s ambassador

How: No experience necessary, coaching

And most important..

How to followup: Visit!

Having a passion for art and technology, this assignment was an extremely fun one to tackle! Thank you Sign Source Solution for sponsoring a roll-up banner, which supports the endeavours of Miss Teenage Canada delegates, as well as gives the 2016 delegates this amazing opportunity!

What is your opinion on my design?

Talk soon,



Miss Teenage South Central Ontario 2016

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20 Responses to Assignment #2: Designing a Roll-Up Banner for Miss Teenage Canada!

  1. Duncan Armstrong says:

    Nice work on the banner. Good luck with the voting for the People’s Choice Award this week.

  2. Cindy Nickerson says:

    The banner is very attractive and suitable for its intended audience! Well done!

  3. courtney fraser says:

    I voite for you

  4. Karen Fetterly says:

    Good Luck Isabella

  5. Tamara Fisher says:

    Looks great! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Albert Cormier says:

    Incredibly well thought out and well executed

  7. Pam Stratton says:

    Love the design with the hi-light being the crown. The message of the banner is easily understood. Great job!

  8. Joe Burns says:

    I wish you luck

  9. Wanda Hill says:

    Good luck – wishing you the best

  10. Jean ogden says:

    Banner covers many aspects of contest, good luck

  11. Donna McCormick says:

    Love the banne Good luck for the People’s Choice Award. You definitely have my vote!

  12. It was great meeting you in Quinte. MacKenzie says your a Princess. the
    Thanks for taking time for photo with MacKenzie. ☺

  13. Evelyn Wilson says:

    all the best .

  14. Erin Huygens says:

    Good luck, Isabella!!

  15. Rob Campbell says:

    im more impressed with the 14 comments you got on the post frankly

  16. Good For you God Bless

  17. Rachel Green says:

    Best of Luck

  18. dan clark says:

    good luck

  19. Catherine Broughton says:

    Good Luck.

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